Author: Stasyuk Eugene 40 Tags: 13.12.2022

I recently read Austin Kleon’s book “Show Your Work”. Left a very good impression. Thanks to her, I slightly changed my views on my work and on the process itself as a whole.

Why did she impress me so much? 

The message of this book is quite simple: show your work, including the process of creating it.
The time when the audience was only interested in the result of the work, and not the process of its creation, has long passed. Today, for other people, especially for those who do the same thing as you, it is no less interesting to learn about those stages, approaches, hardships through which you went through so that your work would see the light of day.

Why do you need to share this?

There are a lot of benefits from this approach. For example: you are a beginner programmer, you don’t have any completed projects yet. The best thing you can do in this situation is to show your learning process to others through social media or a blog. This approach will allow you to find like-minded people who will help you with a task that you cannot solve or offer some useful feature. Also, this method, better than any resume, will allow you to clarify the future employer about the technologies and skills that you possess. You will absorb information faster and better, remember better, remember longer.

Here are some quotes from the book to give you a general idea of it:

  • Just doing the job is not enough. You need to make it good and make it accessible to the viewer;
  • It is worth submitting the process of your work properly and there will definitely be people who will be interested in it;
  • Good works are not created in isolation;
  • Forget about professionals and money. Be an amateur. Amateurs are not shy about doing new things, making mistakes, and sharing their results and failures;
  • Our work itself does not say anything. The history of the creation of the work directly affects its cost and allows you to turn the complex into accessible;
  • Try to do what you do best. Leave the rest to do the rest.


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